Friday, April 25, 2008

Small, smaller, smallest

I decided that I wanted to make a seascape for my AAQI project. I handpainted a light blue cotton for the background and located a tan with brown accents for the sand. The mermaid and sea creatures are machine embroidery.

I added a pale blue tulle ovelay and hand embroidered and beaded the sea plants. I am quite pleased with my first venture into a project that is not a traditional pieced or crazy pieced block!

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pineapple_ing said...

Dear Peggy, Even though this is not a traditionaly pieced block, it is still one of the cutes machine stitched, underwater scapes I've seen. I love those cute little Nemo fish. My cousin has a salt water tank with those kind or fish and they really are so adorable. Is this block for an exchange or swap? Lucky person who receives it! I would have been so proud to own it, if it was me... (hint..hint..LOL!)
Big Hugs, ~ Ing in CA.