Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angels are Home!


Hope everyone’s New Year has gotten off to a good start. My sis and I are fine, but we are still contending with my brother-in-law’s illness.  He has fallen twice already this year. We welcome your prayers for him.                          

My CQI  All About Angels DYOB has come to an end and my blocks have returned home. The ladies did their usual beautiful job of stitching. I thought you might like to see the lovely blocks I will be making into a mantel scarf for my daughter when I  finish my block.                               


Cathy's block 4 me

This block was done by Cathy. Her yarn angel reminds me of my younger days when these were all the rage.

Joyce's block 4 me

This block, done by Joyce, is bright and shiny with lots of bling.

Laurie's block 4 me

Laurie makes this one seem quite heavenly with all the glittery stars.

Ruby's block 4 me

Ruby added more angels and music to go with the trumpet charm framed by lovely silk ribbon roses.

Wendy's block4 me  Wendy used embroidery and silk ribbon flowers to pretty up for block with sequins and beads for sparkle.


I really enjoyed  seeing the different fabrics and color combinations which these gals used in their blocks. It was a pleasure working on their blocks.                                      

Cathy's block

Cathy choose to use a cherub silkie as her focal point. I choose to continue with the pink and red color scheme-adding a white lace lattice with pink gathered roses, a single rose bud and a crocheted roses.  The wording just seemed the right thing to grace the lower block.             

Laurie's angel

I framed Laurie’s darling angel with lace and ribbon, then used an open cretan stitch with sequins and beads as a seam treatment.  Embroidered daffodils finish off the corners.

wendy's block

I stitched the word Angels with a wrapped backstitch for Wendy. Sequin and bead stars, ric-rac, lace and silk ribbon form seam trearments. I added an angel made of beads with silver foil leaves as wings.

Peggy's work on Joyce's block

Joyce’s block featured this charming cross-stitched angel, so I just added a variety of embroidery stitches , lace, sequins and beads, and a large colorful felt flower.                          

I have Ruby’s block yet to finish. Will post pics later to end a fun round robin.  Til later, have a blessed day.