Friday, April 25, 2008

Small, smaller, smallest

I decided that I wanted to make a seascape for my AAQI project. I handpainted a light blue cotton for the background and located a tan with brown accents for the sand. The mermaid and sea creatures are machine embroidery.

I added a pale blue tulle ovelay and hand embroidered and beaded the sea plants. I am quite pleased with my first venture into a project that is not a traditional pieced or crazy pieced block!
The smaller project was one I enjoyed very much putting together. One of my groups was doing a "Glimpse from a window" mini quilt. I thought of my view of a neighbor's pasture from my livingroom window. So I began looking through my scraptub for horse fabric. After putting the window together, I decided that something was needed in the foreground, something more interesting than the chair and floorlamp that sets there. So I added a table and put my knitting basket on the table.

I wove some tan fabric together for the basket, added some "knobs" cut from a novelty yarn for balls of yarn, and added knitting needles made from jewelry head pins. It made a lovely little 5 x 7 wallhanging.

The smallest of the projects was a Spring inchies swap. As things where still rather hectic and I was pressed for time, I fudged a bit. I used a set of minature machine embroidery patterns and did them the quick and easy way. I think the little designs look springy! The bottom set I had done by hand before everything went downhill.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still playing catch up

The Purple RR block for this month is Lindy's. She very thoughtfully included little goodie bags for those who worked on her block. There was a lovely piece of velvet in the baggie I chose, so I gave part of it back in the form of a butterfly. I made each wing section separately and backed them with cotton fabric. After embellishing with sequins and beads, I tacked the sections in place. For the body I rolled a triangular piece of cotton print around a small piece of batting and sectioned it by wrapping it with thread and trying off . A piece of craft wire bent into a v shape and curled on the ends was attached for the antennae. A blanket stitch trimmed with seed beads completes two sides of the block. Hope it's to your liking, Lindy.
I finished construction of two pixie dolls from Allison
Marano's May Pixie pattern. I hope to mount them
on a wooden base positioned as though they were playing Leap Frog. They have a wire armature, so I'm hoping they will hold their pose. They sure are cute little guys.

Last month's purple block belonged to Velina. I chose a long narrow block and "planted" a rose tree. The roses are a mixture of spider-web roses done in silk ribbon and organza ribbon. I edged the tree with feather stitching and beads. Hope you enjoy it, Velina.

Monday, April 21, 2008

More postcards finished

I have been working on getting my postcard swaps finished out before deadlines. There is Elvis as he started--in black and white; frogs in Batik Only; a proud eagle and flags for Support Your Troops; and Dragonflies. That pretty well gets me through May.
Now I must begin on my mini quilts.

Bits and pieces

Finished with a couple of postcard swaps. I really enjoy making these mailable pieces of art.

I decided to work on some small projects. I have made ATCs, so I decided I would do a plus size inches swap representing the 4 elements-fire, water, earth and air. Plus size inches are 1 1/2 inches in size. I had thought they might prove to be a bit difficult to do, but they were suprisingly easy to handle.

I had a red fabric which always appeared "hot" to me, so that became fire. I added a zig-zag stem stitch in yellow and a few orange and red beads.

A brown batik became earth with the addition of a stone donut bead and a couched wool yarn.

Water was easy, also. I had a blue and white fabric that looked "wet" so I embroidered a simple little fish of detached chain stitches and clear bead bubbles.

Wind gave me some problems, until I thought of a favorite childhood character, Winnie the Poo and his blustery day. After that it was easy. Now I think I am ready to attempt inchies.

Green block finished

I decided to try my hand at an embroidered motif. The fantasy flower is done with a combination of chain, satin and stem stitches. I couched a novelty yarn around the patch, and accented with buttons, and a small flower cup bead centered with a seed bead. The large corner button called for something more, so I added beaded tassels. I hope Sue enjoys my efforts.
Now I'm off to complete more postcards.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Peaceful house

Favorite Disney Pal

Whee, out of state company has left, a family illness is over, the 32 cafe panels are done and hung; things are finally getting back to what I consider "normal " around here. Have been working to get caught up on my postcard swaps. Now, I'm off to work on a green block for my RR. Later.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to normal, I hope!

I finally made it back. Between customer business, out of state company, and family illness, it has been a while since my last post. There has been company in the quest room with my computer, so my online time has been short.

The 32 cafe panels are finished and hung; the tuba carrying bag has been finished and the tuba is no longer sitting in my sewing room floor. A run of baby showers has had me busy making bibs and burp pads. All of that is done, so now on with the fun stuff.

These are a couple of the embroidery designs I used. (Betty's Original Designs)