Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working for Sis

While working through the problem with my eyes and then my hand, I did somethings for my sister. I worked as I felt able with no time limit. My sister Betty (aka Boop) wanted a landscape wallhanging for a bare spot she has over the aquarium. I decided on a river scene featuring mountains, a river and birch trees. Although it took me several weeks from start and put-down, it was finished. She is pleased with it and says it looks like a painting when viewed from a distance.
I am at present working on a wallhanging of a pencil sketch her son made in his early 20"s.
Till next time, Hugs and stitches, Peggy

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Second Faces II block

This is the second of the Faces blocks. I decided to keep to the lovely golden colors and accent with green and yellow. This block also has a poly clay face.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Faces RR

I started a new RR with my CQI group in May. It is a DYOB so there are 6 six inch blocks. Each block was to have a face of some sort. The first set of blocks had poly clay faces and were done in a jungle theme. The block I chose made me think of animals peering from the foliage and native rituals. I relly enjoyed trying to express these ideas in my stitching.

More later, Hugs and stitches, Peggy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally--back again!

Ater a year of little stitching due to a bout of the shingles that left me with a problem with my left eye, followed closely with a pinched nerve that led to many sessions of theraphy to regain the use of my left hand, I"M BACK!!!!!

I'm now back to long hours of enjoyment working on my group projects. Although I never stopped stitching completely, many days I was unable to work. I did manage to keep up with the projects I was already commited to, but often I was not happy with the quality of work done. Ladies, if my work for you was lacking in anyway, please forgive me.

I'll be back with more news and pictures as soon as I get better organized.

Hugs and stitches, Peggy