Monday, May 30, 2011

Relaxing week-end

What a lovely Memorial Day weekend! Lots of blue skies and sunshine. I took the weekend off from sewing. I relaxed with two Catherine Coulter FBI thrillers- The Eleventh Hour and Whiplash. Mystery and light-hearted romance--what could be better?

My Tea Time DYOB RR will soon be drawing to a close. These are the blocks that have been finished so far.

 This cheerful block is the one I worked for Cathy L.

Lorrie R's  contained a lovely counted cross-stitch tea cup and hankie corner. It was a pleasure to work on.

 Cathy K used my favorite colors to form her block so I really enjoyed adding to it.

 I added sequin flowers and dim sum to Kerry's block of fancy fabrics.
I am now working on Ritva's green toned block and this RR will be completed.
I'm waiting the next Gypsy Treasure block so I can begin stitching again.
Until next time, hugs and stitches, Pegsue

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back Again

Well, thank the Lord, my brother-in-law has recovered to the point where he can motivate a short distance with his walker, can now feed and dress himself, so Sis and I now have more time for other things.
Now that his children and grandchildren have gone things are back to normal pretty much and I have been back to finishing up the rearranging of my sewing room and back to stitching.

 I have begun a new Fairies RR in CQI. The first block was for Lorrie R. I added a button trail, appliqued mushrooms, pixies, an initial, kiko flowers and snowdrops. I'm looking forward to the next round.

 This is the first block in the Gypsy Treasures RR.  Lauri B has a lovely silkie which I decided needed embellishing. I used three different colored ribbons as her headscarf, plus used them as a seam treatment in the upper left corner. Lauri likes bling, so I added the silver and gold metallic trim with the golden dangles, a beaded seam and necklace. I have several ideas for the upcoming blocks-such fun!!!!
This is one of six lovely blocks that Nicki put together for the Luscious Lace DYOB RR. I added four different pieces of lace which I embellished with ribbon, sequins, beads and various embroidery stitches.  Eyelash yarn and a charm finish the work.

It is so wonderful to get back to stitching. I have some sewing to catch up on as I have two baby quilts to make two young friends.  I go for an eye exam the 2nd of June. Maybe glasses will made handwork easier and improve the quailty of my work.

Well, it looks as though it's lunch time already, so I will say good-bye for now and say happy stitching, friends.

Quilty hugs to all,