Monday, June 16, 2008

Contests and Pinkeepers

Was very excited to learn that my block had won 3rd place in the CQ4N group baggie swap contest. In this swap, each person made up a baggie of fabrics and embellishments. The baggies were swapped out and each one had to make a block using all the things in the baggie. The finished blocks were then voted on.

It was interesting to work with choices made by someone else. Fortunately Amy did a wonderful job of coordinating her colors and provided a generous variety of embellishments. Thanks, Amy, for a great baggie.

I got a second baggie of lovely goodies from Ira in Israel. That block will be posted later, as I was unable to complete it before the time limit ran out.

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jan said...

Hi Peggy, what a wonderful idea, I may have to try that with my group of ladies, I am always trying to think of new ideas for them. Some though would use horrendous fabrics, ie furnishing arghhh!!!! Oh well, all adds to the fun.