Monday, September 20, 2010

Past work

I posted Meg's block for the Asian II RR that is circulating now. She wished to have an Arabian theme. Well, what can be more Arabian that a rare, blue-eyed arab barb? I wasn't to sure of how to go about working one as I have not done much fill embroidery. I sketched my design and transfered it to a piece of white fabric. After cutting out the pattern I then basted it to the block. Next was the difficult part! I used long and short stitches to fill, then added a halter and a tassel. I hope Meg is pleased with the results.
I have a friend who has a childcare business and I decided the the Aug. Challenge design from my embroidery group would be enjoyed by her little ones. I embroidered the pumpkin child design, cut it out and stitched it to the fabric background. The embroidery design is from

I've been doing some more projects for my sister. She wanted a gift for her hairdresser. Soooo, with the help of two Loralie ladies, which I cut up and combined to get the figure I wanted, and a scrapbook paper, which I printed on fabric for the background, I came up with the above wallhanging. The figure was appliqued to the backgound and I added the wording with my embroidery machine. I really enjoy the Loralie fabrics and I have a panel with a sewing theme which I am going to use to make a quilt for ME!! Can't wait to begin.             

Enough for now, happy stitching,

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Peg - I love the horse. You did a wonderful job on it!!