Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can Spring be far behind?

I heard a loud chirpping sound from the backyard. Opening the blinds I was amazed to see that my backyard was covered with ROBINS!!! There was aflock of about a hundred birds hopping around the yard. What a lovely sight!! You have heard the nursery rhyme 4 and 20 blackbirds baked into a pie? Well, in my case, that could be rephrased to 4 and 20 robins squeezed into a birdbath. It was rather crowded and the water was splashing in all directions! What a time for my camera to be non-functioning. How beautiful, but saddly my yard is just a stop-over on their way back North. But I look forward to them every year.

I finished some landscape pcs for the 2 landscaping groups. These little guys are so much fun to make. I am looking for a good source of landscaping fabrics. My favorite quilt store only has a couple of sky patterns and a brick and one stone pattern.
Iam looking for suitable materials for trying a 3 fabric wallhanging. You start with a printed panel, add a fabric for framing and a third fabric to fussy cut and embellish with. But that must wait until I finish my sweatshirt jacket, which I need to work on now, so until next time--happy stitchin'.

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Shirley said...

I love your postcards Peg - You do good work. Shirley from learningfa